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Knight Rider Symbol

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With Xaviax, who fuses with Wrath's body, the both of them start their assault by holding Lacey and Trent hostage and later fighting Len and Kase, who manage to escape.

Soon enough, they find and ambush Kit, who had just escaped the No-Men. Before James vents him, Len and Kase stop the both of them, getting away when Maya blocked their exit window.

During his fight with Kit and Len, he reveals his Advent Deck's upgrade to control more than one Advent Beast when he takes control of Metalgelas and Evildiver before merging them with Venosnaker to form Cerebeast.

Strike then uses his Final Vent on Siren. This puts JTC on the run as he calls for Xaviax. Pryce is the original Ventaran Kamen Rider Strike.

Similar to James Trademore, his mirror twin, Pryce is very charismatic and friendly. But as JTC has more of a snake-like personality, using that charisma for his own goals, Pryce is a lot more trustworthy and trusting, as well as being a lot more open.

In addition he can read others really well often stating when something's wrong about someone. Due to the actions of JTC, Maya Young, who is temporarily using the Siren deck, doesn't trust Pryce very much, with Pryce stating that she was giving off an odd energy.

Shortly after his rescue, he is ordered to deploy to South America with Len and Chance to upload a virus to Xaviax's transmitters.

Chance and Pryce, after listening to Kit's history with the Onyx deck, explain that the nightmares are caused by the Advent Beast's rage trying to impose its will on the riders.

Later he goes with Eubulon and Hunt to locate a transmitter retreating when Hunt gets injured. He returns with Len and Chance to locate it, this time successful.

During the mission, he talks about how, while he understands that Adam is truly sorry for his actions, he notices that Adam might still be hiding something important as if he's not telling the whole truth.

His hunch was soon correct as he discovered that Adam had given a virus to Xaviax who decoded it. He later set that factor aside as he goes off to fight Xaviax and finish off his army.

In between that time, he manages to find out from Maya that she's having trouble with him because of his Earth counterpart JTC. He reassures her that he and JTC, while they look alike, aren't the same person.

Maya realizes this, and during the Epilogue, they begin dating each other. Venosnaker is a giant mechanical cobra which is Strike's Advent Beast.

It has the head and tail of Venosnaker, the horns and body of Metalgelas, and Evildiver mounted on its back with its wings opened up in different directions.

This ability was lost after JTC was vented. Strike slots his cards on the top of his scepter called the Veno Visor. This ability was lost when JTC was vented, leaving Strike with his default cards.

Kamen Rider Thrust relies more on brute strength more so than the other Riders. Brad Barrett was originally a motocross player who was banned from motocrossing for a cheating scandal that he didn't commit involving fellow racer Joe Stephens.

He was approached by Xaviax in the form of Charlie Feathers giving him a false promise to clear his name if he defeated the other Riders in a "tournament" called Battle Club and becomes Kamen Rider Thrust armed with a rhinoceros Advent Deck.

Under the orders of Xaviax, Strike sent him down to eliminate Wing Knight. He ambushed Len following the Green Shark monster's retreat, leaving after he witnessed Camo being vented by Torque.

Upon recapping past events, Brad takes an interest in Dragon Knight after he refused to fight him while dealing with Newt Monsters.

He later baits Dragon Knight into helping him with a squid monster which he easily destroyed before he attacks him to get answers about the "Battle Club".

Though he did get confirmed info about the Advent Void and then left. After admitting the truth about himself, Xaviax confessed to Brad and says that he still has the proof of the setup.

Xaviax then gives Brad the option to vent or be vented as he assumes his true form. Forced into doing Xaviax's work in order to clear his name from a scandal, Len and Brad engaged each other in battle again afterwards.

With his pride on the line, Brad refused to listen to them and continued to attack the trio until Torque activated his Final Vent attacking everyone with Brad taking the most damage of all of them, though none of them were vented.

Strike believed that Brad would eventually come around and join Kit and Len, as Chris did, and thus vented him while he was still recovering from Drew's attack.

His Advent Deck is claimed by Kit and Len. Soon after, Eubulon rescued Brad from the Advent Void and erased his memories to return him to his normal life most likely clearing his name in the process.

Metalgelas is an armored humanoid rhinoceros which is Thrust's Advent Beast. Metalgelas later ends up under the control of JTC, only to lose it after being vented.

Kamen Rider Sting primarily uses the stingray-like slot on his arm as a shield along with his Swing Vent as a whip. Christopher Ramirez, nicknamed Chris, was originally supposed to be a Marine like his father, to uphold a family tradition four generations of Ramirez men have been marines since WWI.

Unfortunately, he was medically discharged for having asthmatic complications that would endanger his life as a soldier, leaving Chris and his father Sergeant Daniel Ramirez's relationship strained.

While Chris' father and the doctor argued, he was approached by Xaviax in the form of Special Agent Simons who gave Chris an Advent Deck under the assumption that he is fighting evil aliens from another dimension and becomes Kamen Rider Sting armed with a stingray Advent Deck.

In attempt to bring Chris into the open, Maya and her friends staged a monster attack with little success. Maya did, however catch Chris in action fighting a Mirror Monster.

After destroying one of Xaviax's monsters alongside Dragon Knight, Chris proceeds to arrest Kit under the assumption that he is one of the aliens.

But an asthma attack leaves Chris defenseless. Kamen Rider Wing Knight shows mercy and doesn't vent Chris. This action sows the seeds of doubt in Chris' mind, and after further urging from Maya, Chris decides to team up with Len and Kit and fight against Xaviax and his evil plans.

He helps Kit try to get Brad to help fight Xaviax, but unfortunately Brad refuses to listen. Chris is brought up to speed when Kit, Len, and Maya tell him about Xaviax and what has happened up to now.

After talking to them, he states that they must stop Xaviax at all costs. However, he refuses to help Kit and Len prompting Maya to go after him.

When she does go after him, he recaps to her what he did before learning that Xaviax tricked him. While meeting up with JTC, he confronts Strike once more putting up more of a fight thanks to a little training by Len.

Strike leaves as soon as Wing Knight and Dragon Knight show up again. JTC later attempts to change Chris' loyalties, saying that Xaviax would use high-tech medical technology to cure his asthma "You can be a Marine again" , as long as he betrayed and vented Wing Knight.

The two transform and fight again, and Chris manages to escape on Evildiver. Chris continues to fight knowing full well his asthma would eventually overtake him and threaten his life, but he would rather go down with honor than stay on the sidelines.

During a battle with Strike, Axe and Spear, Len is almost vented by Strike, but Chris jumps in the way, sacrificing himself to save his friend.

Chris is the fifth Kamen Rider to be vented in the series, but the first one that was fighting for Earth and Ventara as opposed to their own interests.

Kit and Len both vow to find a way to bring Chris back when they claim his Advent Deck. Eubulon later rescues Chris from the Advent Void and cures his asthma.

During the Epilogue, he then returns to the Marines to fight for his country once more. Evildiver is a flying mechanical stingray which is Sting's Advent Beast.

Evildiver later ends up under the control of JTC, who loses it after being vented. Sting slots his cards on the stingray-like slot on his left arm called the Evil Visor.

It can be used as a shield. He also gets an edge on his opponents by immoblizing them with Freeze Vent. Danny Cho is a money-hungry thief , but he always puts his family first.

He lived a harsh life with only his brother Albert to help support him and vice versa. Following a recent motorcycle heist, he was approached by Xaviax who offered him and his brother a big paycheck in exchange for participating in "the biggest heist on Earth.

Len quickly stole his Advent Deck while they were transforming on their first time meeting. Like Drew and JTC, he is completely aware of Xaviax's true motives but will go along with him to get what he wants.

After his brother is vented, Danny goes on a personal vendetta against Kit in order to avenge him in spite of Xaviax's orders.

However he doesn't take James' words to heart and continues his path of vengeance. Danny is the seventh Kamen Rider to be vented in the series.

During the Epilogue, Eubulon rescues Danny from the Advent Void and erases his memories to return him to his normal life.

Hunt is the original Ventaran Kamen Rider Axe. He's a lone wolf type person who tends to fight on his own rather than with the other Riders.

This serves as a strong contrast to his Earth counterpart, Danny Cho, who would often be with his brother Albert during jobs.

Shortly after his rescue, he is deployed to Asia to upload a virus to Xaviax's transmitters. When Adam attempts to rejoin the other Riders by assisting Hunt in destroying monsters, Hunt doesn't buy into his act and threatens to vent him if he continues to follow.

He returns to meet Kit, both initially wary of each other due to past experiences with the other's twin, but soon accepting each other as fellow Riders.

While he doesn't still trust Adam, he is accepting of him for the time being. He goes on a mission with Pryce and Eubulon to shut down a transmitter.

He is overwhelmed by Wildboarder and the White Minions resulting in Hunt becoming injured enough to be put in a healing trance.

He recovers in time for the final battle against Xaviax fighting his way through his army and finally destroying Xaviax by using his Link Vent.

He continues to fight as a Kamen Rider from remnants of Xaviax's army and helps to rebuild Ventara. Destwilder is an armored humanoid white tiger which is Axe's Advent Beast.

Axe slots his cards in his axe in the tiger like top called the Dest Visor. It can be used as a weapon if he's not using his Strike Vent. Unlike other Riders, which have only one Advent Beast aiding them, Attack Vent calls out multiple Zelles as well as Gigazelle to aid him in overwhelming his opponents.

Albert Cho is Danny's younger brother who will always fight by his side. Like his brother, he was approached by Xaviax who offered him and Danny a big paycheck in exchange for participating in "the biggest heist on Earth.

He likes being a Kamen Rider, as it makes him feel much tougher. He is extremely inexperienced in fighting with Len quickly stealing his Advent Deck while transforming.

Like Drew and JTC, he is completely aware of Xaviax's true nature and will go along with him to get what he wants. Albert is the sixth Kamen Rider to be vented in the series.

His Advent Deck is claimed by Kit, but is then given to Len. Soon after, Eubulon rescues Albert from the Advent Void and erases his memories to return him to normal life.

Gigazelle is a humanoid gazelle which is Spear's Advent Beast. When Gigazelle is summoned, it's also accompanied by fellow Zelle monsters Magazelle, Omegazelle, and Megazelle.

Siren's main design is very similar to Wing Knight's with a similar slot and fighting style. Unlike Wing Knight, she's a bit more forceful and ruthless, arguably more powerful than Wing Knight.

However she doesn't have as many Advent Cards or have the variety that Wing Knight has. But because her and Wing Knight have very similar styles, they work very well together.

The Siren deck is the only deck that passes from two different people of two different DNA structures due to Eubulon's influence.

She is eager hunter who acts the complete opposite of Len, who was unaware that she had survived. During the time Adam betrayed the other Riders, she quickly took herself and Len out of suspended animation and managed to throw him into a mirror and is thought to have been lost by both Len and Xaviax.

Before escaping, she managed to steal two Survive Mode cards for Dragon Knight and Wing Knight unable to get her own in time. She battles Xaviax's monsters in secret and slowly makes her way back to Len.

She first appeared to fight off Xaviax's minion Mirror Monsters and easily defeats them. She decides to test Kit by battling him and ends up defeating him in a sparring match.

She initially doesn't accept Kit as the new Dragon Knight and feels that Kit is too inexperienced to even be considered a Rider but trusts Len's judgement.

She feels uneasy the next time she sees him as she begins to see the similarities in personality that Kit and Adam has stating that it was the attitude Kit has that started Adam's betrayal.

But after knowing his resolve, she accepts Kit as a Kamen Rider and apologizes for her earlier behavior.

They are able to escape before sustaining any more injuries. Eventually, Trent gives them the location where Kit is being held and they attempt to rescue him.

They find him being attacked by Wrath and Strike but manage to save him. Returning to the bookstore, she heals Kit's injured leg.

After escaping the No-Men from the bookstore, she shows Kit and Len their Survive Cards saying they will be necessary as they are no longer fighting amateurs.

Soon afterwards, Kase is forced to battle both Wrath and a hybrid monster. When her back is turned, Strike uses a Final Vent on her.

Kase is the eighth Kamen Rider to be vented in the series. Len retrieves his fallen girlfriend's deck and promises revenge for her.

Her venting was avenged when Len uses Survive Mode to vent Strike. Kase is later rescued from the Advent Void by Master Eubulon, and reunites with Len while she is recovering.

Afterwards, Maya returns the Advent Deck to her; Kase says that she is proud of her not just for her work as a Kamen Rider, but also as a journalist who exposes the truth amongst the lies.

She later speaks with Kit in private and convinces him to give Adam a chance to prove himself like she did with him. They find the two fighting each other.

She soon finds out from Adam that he had given Xaviax the virus who decoded it and created a vaccine. She forgives him as she realizes that he is needed in the final battle and that he truly is sorry for his previous actions, reaffirming this with Kit.

Kase and Kit both distract Xaviax and his monsters from detecting Trent and Maya who both manage to get a mirror inside Xaviax's base.

Kase and the others manage to get inside and together with Len, Kit and Adam, fight off Xaviax. Though no match for the mighty General, they fought him off long enough for Eubulon to rescue the other Riders and together, they all use their Link Vents to destroy Xaviax.

During the Epilogue, she continues to date Len as she helps rebuild Ventara and protect Ventara and Earth from remnants of Xaviax's army as well as dangers from other worlds behind the mirrors.

Kase in the beginning didn't approve too well with Kit, mostly because of Adam's betrayal and the fact that she, as a fighter, felt that Kit was too inexperienced.

Eventually she becomes somewhat like an older sister-like mentor to Kit similar to Len who has been mentoring him up to that point as an older brother-like mentor.

Thus when Len was out on his missions when Eubulon returned, Kase helped Kit with his problems. Kase is portrayed by Carrie Reichenbach and voiced by Elle Deets in the video game.

Maya Young is a young woman who is investigating the mysterious disappearances and believes in conspiracies , getting caught up in the Kamen Rider battle.

She is a member of the website WayAboveTopSecret. To this end, she enlists Kit's help in uncovering the mysteries surrounding Ventara and the Mirror Monsters, although Lacey thinks she's just trying to ask him out.

Due to her attempted abduction by one of the Newt Monsters, she is able to see the Mirror Monsters when no one else can. Following an attempt to flush out a Kamen Rider by staging a monster attack, Michelle Walsh snapped the pictures of the attempt and Maya is fired from the website.

Maya has since distanced herself from the reporter and continues her pursuit of uncovering the mysteries of the Kamen Riders.

She finds that her information was stolen, and in response, she deletes her work as a paranormal investigator so that she wouldn't get targeted by the feds.

While discussing how to counter Xaviax's plans, Eubulon reassigns the Siren deck to Maya to help Len while he goes to retrieve the other Riders.

He gives her the ability to fight by installing the memories of the previous Siren owner, Kase, making her the second Kamen Rider Siren.

She later meets Chance, Pryce, and Hunt, some of the original Riders. Due to her past experiences with JTC, she feels uneasy around Pryce, despite his attempts to befriend her.

During a confrontation against several Mirror Monsters, Maya meets up with Adam who attempts to befriend the Earth Rider since he failed with the Ventaran Riders.

She is put off by his attempts, though not once did he attack her. Kit later shows up, and after arguing, Kit and Adam fight each other, though Maya wants them both to stop.

After Kase comes back from the Advent Void, she returns the Advent Deck back to her saying that fighting as a Kamen Rider was one of the best experiences in her life, but her journalistic career comes first.

Thus the Siren Deck passes from Maya back to Kase. She soon senses that something is wrong with Adam when he leaves with Len to the last transmitter, which is confirmed to be true.

She also manages to patch the bad relations with Pryce realizing that Pryce and JTC, though they look the same, are two different people.

Along with Trent, she manages to sneak inside Xaviax's base to allow the other Kamen Riders to infultrate the base as the shield surrounding it only allowed people who weren't locked to an Advent Deck inside.

During the Epilogue, she makes a children's book detailing the events of the whole series, which she passes off as fiction promising to keep the Rider's identities a secret.

It becomes a popular book as she is seen in a book signing, even meeting up with Kit, Len and Kase, with Len jokingly apologizing about her camera from the start of the series.

Also, she starts dating Pryce who also visits her in her book signing. Blancwing is a giant mechanical swan which is Siren's Advent Beast. Siren slots her cards in the crossguard of her rapier called the Blanc Visor.

Like the Black Visor, it can be used as a weapon if she doesn't have enough time to slot her cards. Kamen Rider Wrath is the 2nd strongest Kamen Rider.

Wrath can easily take on stronger Riders, especially when Xaviax uses the body. He can easily overpower others with two swords for Sword Vent.

He is also the only Kamen Rider who can teleport allowing him to disappear in a flash, leaving behind a cloud of gold feathers which he can use even when preparing his Final Vent.

This technique doesn't require a card to perform. He can also teleport with others. Vic Frasier is a powerfully built construction worker who was in a coma due to a construction accident.

Xaviax drains his life energy like he did with Kit's father and uses his body to transform into Kamen Rider Wrath, a Kamen Rider with a phoenix Advent Deck.

Xaviax decides to use Vic's body as he decides that eliminating Len, Kase and Kit are more important. They give chase, but lose them.

Later, they find Kit and introduce him to the gold armored Wrath. They easily overpower him, but are interrupted by Len and Kase who manage to get away when Maya blocks their exit window.

Soon he meets Len and Kase and they both fight him. Len retreats to save Kit, leaving him alone with Kase.

After a long battle, he ends up distracting Kase as Strike vents her. He fights Kit, but is unable to make it to Strike in time to save him.

He then fights Kit and Len in their Survive Modes but overpowers them. However, the impact ends up venting Wrath as well, making him the eleventh and final Kamen Rider vented immediately following Kit.

Even when vented however, only the body of Vic Frasier is sent to the Advent Void leaving Xaviax intact.

Because of this, Len despises how Xaviax is using Vic Frasier's body, especially since Xaviax also uses his human form.

Goldphoenix is a golden mechanical phoenix which is Wrath's Advent Beast. This is shown when Kit, who was using the Onyx deck, manages to overpower Adam, the original Dragon Knight.

Onyx is a newly created Kamen Rider, which is why no other Rider recognized the armor, thus increasing the total number of Kamen Riders to He first appeared to ambush Kit and knock him into Ventara.

When Kit is taken down by Onyx, it turns out to be a nightmare. However, it turns out to be just another nightmare. Onyx originally represented the struggle that Kit was going through, confronting Onyx when he was feeling useless because of his jealousy towards Kase and using Onyx's power when confronted by Xaviax about his father.

This was due to a phenomenon that Chance and Pryce refer to as the Advent Beast's rage imposing its will on the Rider's mind.

Kit uses its power to help Len and the other Riders. He later confronts Adam, who has the Dragon Knight Deck, and fights him until Eubulon interrupts the battle.

Kit joined forces with the Ventaran Riders, and worked with them to defeat Xaviax, first by defending Earth from attacking Mirror Monsters and also working to render Xaviax's teleporters useless via the virus used to negate them.

Kit is present when the team travels en masse to Ventara to storm Xaviax's headquarters, and also joins the other twelve Riders in using the Link Vent to destroy the alien tyrant.

The current whereabouts and user of the Onyx Deck is unknown, but it's assumed another Ventaran recruit has it. With exactly the same design and Deck, Kamen Rider Onyx has the same combat potential as Dragon Knight, a balanced rider with a variety of cards at his disposal using his own dragon to help fight.

Because Onyx is exactly the same as the Dragon Knight armor, Kit has no trouble using it. The Onyx Deck is unique among the Advent Decks as the dragon emblem on the Deck is black rather than gold.

As every Rider was supposed to have a Survive Mode Card according to Kase when the Cards were introduced, it's unknown as to why Onyx lacks this Card since it was a newly created Deck and therefore should have had the Survive Mode Card among the others, since the Card wouldn't have been left in the original base of the Kamen Riders, where the others, aside from those for Dragon Knight and Wing Knight, were left behind when Xaviax had infiltrated it.

He once worked with General Xaviax in the planets North army by developing weapons for him in their war against the South. Although the North won, Karsh was turned into a waste land and Eubulon was enlisted by Xaviax to create a transportation device that would send a mass number of people from other planets as slaves to rebuild their world, starting with Ventara.

When he arrived, he fell ill and almost died. He was taken in by a Ventaran family who helped him recover and this helped him realize that he could not enslave a peaceful planet.

He soon told Xaviax that he would not take the Ventarans and that they would have to find another way to save Karsh.

Unfortunately, the general refused to listen and with this he decided to enslave the people of Ventara Himself. Eubulon warned The Planet's leaders of what was coming and then created the Kamen Riders to stop Xaviax, while the Ventarans selected twelve of their very best to take up the mantle.

Eubulon also created an advent deck and powers just for himself and has the ability to change the DNA sequence of the other Rider Decks so anyone can use them.

He warned the No-men of Xaviax upon his arrival but he was injured badly and unable to tell them anything else. Len had informed him about Adam's betrayal and of Xaviax's activities.

As he and Len explain their current situation to them, he gives them a flash drive that will upload a computer virus into Xaviax's transmitters as they will need all of them to retrieve the people of Ventara.

Eubulon then goes back to the Advent Void to retrieve Kase and Kit. After returning to the No-Men's base, he begins repairing the Void key in order for it to fully function again, before sensing Maya in trouble and sending Kit to assist her.

When he senses Kit and Adam fighting each other, he interrupts their battle in order to hear out Adam's side of the story and to prevent Kit from giving into his anger.

He brings Adam back to the base to hear him out, but the other Riders aren't interested. Len leaves the base, but Eubulon follows him and manages to have the others trust Adam, if only slightly.

He goes with Pryce and Hunt to locate another transmitter in Africa, but they have a difficult time searching for it. After being ambushed by some of Xaviax's monsters, the three riders retreat when Hunt is injured.

Eubulon begins to heal Hunt when they return to base. Eubulon, while meditating, is sought out by Kit and Maya who ask him about the origin of the Kamen Riders.

He tells them that he's from Karsh like Xaviax, as well as the Planets history and about the creation of the Kamen Riders.

Eubulon adds that because he invited the teleportation transmitters, it'll be his fault if Xaviax wins.

Later, Eubulon discovers the reactivated transmitters. When Adam and Len return, Adam tells everyone what happened to him and Eubulon explains that he would never do something like that, leading Kit to realize that it was a trap set up by Xaviax.

He sends the Riders along with Trent and Maya to Xaviax's base and hands them each a Link Vent card which, when used by all 13 Kamen Riders, will combine all 13 of their Final Vents and unleash it into one devastating attack.

When the Riders destroy the shield generator, Eubulon manages to stop Xaviax right before he activates the teleportation sequence.

The evil General berates The Advent Master for "abandoning His own people" on Karsh, but Eubulon justifies his decision by saying that Xaviax destroyed their planet through war and that he couldn't let him destroy another.

He also adds that while their species time of existence is done, humans still have a chance of survival. Xaviax becomes even angrier at this and says that Karsh and its people are superior above all others and that he won't let anything, including Eubulon cause their race to die out.

This leads to a battle between the two of them with Xaviax gaining the upper hand. Eubulon is then saved by the two dragon Riders who, along with Len and Kase, distract Xaviax long enough for the Advent Master to bring the remaining six Riders back from the Advent Void.

Eubulon states that their work is far from finished and together with the other Riders, he manages to bring back the people of Ventara.

During the Epilogue, he rescues all of the other earth riders and wipes there memories of them being riders. He even cured Chris of his asthma and most likely cleared Brad of his cheating scandal and brought Vic out of his Coma.

Using his technology, he continues to help rebuild Ventara and assist the Kamen Riders from any more evil that may threaten Ventara and Earth. Eubulon's slot works very differently from the other Kamen Riders.

Unlike the others, his is a swipe-based card reader located on his right arm and when swiped, the card burns up though this may just be due to the fact it was actually Xaviax shape-shifted into the form of Eubulon and copying his powers at the time.

In addition, his cards are horizontally designed, unlike the other Riders whose cards are designed vertically. Eubulon never actually uses his cards, they were only used in episode 36 by Xaviax in Eubulon's form when he confronts Adam, though it's assumed that Eubulon has these cards since his Advent Key also acts as an Advent Deck.

Introduced as secondary antagonists where they capture Kit Taylor in order to know about the Kamen Riders, they soon are revealed as allies where they had found Eubulon's body.

Among its known members are:. They succeeded and Agent Phillips arranged for a "demonstration" by having the door to Kit's cell opened to lead him to a Mirror Monster.

Agent Phillips offered Trent an opportunity to work for them or go to jail the same offer he previously gave to JTC.

He is currently assisting the Kamen Riders, using the No-Men's headquarters as the temporary base for Eubulon's forces. Agent Phillips is portrayed by Jamison Jones.

Michelle Walsh is initially introduced as a reporter working under Maya's online editor who is intent to uncover the truth, yet is too arrogant to realize what is really happening in the city.

When Maya tries to flush out the Kamen Rider, Michelle takes photos that stated that Maya faked a monster abduction, resulting in Maya getting fired by the site's online editor.

Since Maya's termination, Michelle has secretly shadowed her to find out what she truly knows about the mysterious abductions.

However, Michelle is revealed as a member of a government agency called the "No-Men" sent to uncover the mysteries of the abductions.

After learning about the Kamen Riders, she is instructed by Agent Phillips to go after Kit and capture him. She attempts to question Kit and learn more about Ventara, but Kit manages to escape.

A short time later, following a long battle with only Len remaining in the aftermath, she shows up with a mysterious photo, giving Len hope that they can win the war against Xaviax.

She eventually talks to Maya and Trent about her past actions saying that she was putting her job above all else and makes amends to their relationship.

During the epilogue, she continues to work for the No-Men but is trying to be a little more patient. Lacey Sheridan is Maya's best friend.

She is a spunky, stylish teenager who takes an instant liking to Kit, as she thinks he's cute and approves of Maya trying to get with him.

She is also stubborn and for the most part only humors Maya's endeavors to find out more about the Kamen Riders. However, as time progressed, Lacey has gotten annoyed at Maya's fixation on the Rider War and makes futile attempts to draw Maya's attention away.

At first she walks away in disbelief but is later seen showing regret for not believing Maya. She is then tricked by Michelle Walsh into stealing Maya's research on the Kamen Riders, thinking that it's for her own good.

When she realizes what she did was wrong, she confesses that she stole Maya's research. Maya is at first furious with Lacey, but later forgives her and gets her help in sneaking away from the bookstore to find Kit.

Lacey, knowing that she wouldn't be any help, left Maya and Trent promising Michelle not to tell anyone of the events that has taken place.

During the Epilogue, she now works in the bookstore which, thanks to Lacey's influence, now has a clothing section.

Lacey also follows Maya to her book signings. Trent Moseley is a young teenager who works with Maya at Grace's book store. He has known Kit since he was in high school and doesn't trust him due to his past as a thief Kit however, was Framed by Xaviax.

His behavior around Maya seems to hint that he may have a crush on her, which only furthers his dislike of Kit, whom Trent believes has caught Maya's interest romantically; however, his animosity towards Kit has slowly diminished.

He is also an admirer of JTC. After witnessing the transformation of Kamen Rider Spear, he fully believes that the Kamen Riders exist. Upon learning from Maya that JTC is in fact Kamen Rider Strike, he becomes very disappointed that the person he looked up to turned out to be "a loser.

When Kit is captured by the No-Men, Trent and his geek friends named Brandon and Fish hack into their database in order to find Kit's location.

He relays the information to Maya, Len, and Kase. He is later captured by the No-Men along with Lacey and Maya. Trent is later brought in to the No-Men, from whom he learns that JTC was offered a chance to work with them to avoid going to jail.

Trent ended up taking up the offer to work with them and work out the scanners to detect the teleportation beacons and assist Len, Maya, and Eubulon.

When Chance, Pryce, and Hunt come back from the Advent Void, Trent is initially uneasy around them due to his experience with JTC, Pryce's twin, and Danny, Hunt's twin, but warmed up to them once he found out they were geeks like him.

Together they discovered the remaining transmitters. During the final battle, he sneaks into Xaviax's base, along with Maya, who manages to set up a mirror for the other Riders to go into.

During the Epilogue, Trent is still working full-time with the No-Men becoming somewhat of a liaison between Ventara and Earth. He also accompanies Maya to her book signings.

Frank Taylor is the father of Kit Taylor who disappeared when he was He has appeared to Kit in visions. Maya and Trent found him in the hospital in a catatonic state.

After rescuing him, Kit's latest vision from him tells him that he doesn't have much time left and Kit must make a decision soon.

Frank is briefly awakened to talk to his son by Xaviax, attempting to bring Kit onto his side, but returns to his catatonic state moments later.

This discussion with his father convinced Kit, already opposed to working alongside Xaviax's Riders, to firmly and totally spurn Xaviax's attempts at recruitment, and placed him firmly in the camp of Len and Kase, who at the time were all that remained of the Ventaran Riders.

During his discussion with Kit, Frank revealed that he had seen something in a mirror presumably Xaviax or one of his minions just before he went missing.

He had no idea of what was going on or even how he had ended up in the hospital. Since Xaviax's failure to use Frank as a barganing chip to recruit Kit, Frank remained in catatonic condition at the hospital.

After the final battle, Eubulon was able to revive Frank Taylor. It appears that Frank finds out about Kit's adventures and appears to fully support his decision to continue fighting and protecting everyone as a Kamen Rider.

Grace Keifer is portrayed by Victoria Jackson. Detective Grimes is a police detective who is a family friend of Kit Taylor and an old friend of Kit's father.

Grimes is portrayed by James Patterson. Sarah is a Ventara girl who Adam falls in love with while on duty. She is unaware of the circumstances surrounding Ventara, as she's held in an illusion created by Xaviax.

She awakens when Xaviax is defeated and Adam reveals what happened to Ventara, but it appears that she forgives him.

Xaviax is an alien from planet Karsh and the main antagonist of the series. He tricked Adam, the original Dragon Knight, into letting him into the Kamen Rider base under the pretense that he would un-link the Riders from their Advent Decks, and attacked the sleeping riders and vented them all but Len and Kase, who managed to get away though at the time Xaviax thought Kase had been vented as well.

Regretting his actions Adam secludes himself and Sarah, his girlfriend in an illusion Xaviax created. Thus Xaviax begins his hunt to eliminate Len, the only Kamen Rider that stands in his way for global domination.

His world was destroyed by a war, between the planet's north led by Xaviax and its south. Though the north won, they left the planet in ruins.

After Eubulon rebelled, he made his conquest of Ventara and his desire to conquer Earth, personal. To that end, he uses his shape-shifting powers to find ideal pawns to aid him as his Kamen Riders, tricking some of them into believing they are doing the greater good or offering them something they desire.

He displays only one human form in the series, but takes on different aliases to suit his needs and recruit Riders to his cause.

However, upon news of Kamen Rider Siren's return, he feels uneasy discovering an even bigger threat than Wing Knight. Even when Strike came back with Danny still alive, he doesn't act against JTC as he knew that he would be outnumbered and decides to leave Danny's fate up to Strike's judgement in which Strike vents him.

While he has been offering some of the other Riders what they desire for the elimination of Len, one of his primary targets seems to be Kit, as many recent plans involve getting Kit to defect to his side and betraying Wing Knight.

So far he has been unsuccessful, even losing his main bait, Frank Taylor. But soon he decides to take a more direct approach after Siren appears and directly reveal himself to Kit.

He reveals that he kidnapped his father, framed him for his arrests and then impersonated his father to bring him to the Advent Deck and Dragredder.

He states that Kit was the hardest one to recruit as, unlike the other Riders, he had no vice like Richie's greed or ambition like Chris' desire to be a hero.

With the training received by Wing Knight as well as fighting his own Riders and gaining Wing Knight's trust, he believes that it's the best time to recruit Kit.

With that, he decides to finally make his offer to Kit: vent Wing Knight and Siren and he will revive Frank Taylor, manipulating Kit's love for his father.

However, when Xaviax realizes that Kit can no longer be swayed, he abandons his plans for him meaning that Kit must now be vented, and to help JTC, he reveals a secret Kamen Rider in emergencies, Kamen Rider Wrath.

He reveals that the body is in a coma and physically merges with Wrath's body in order to fight the three Riders who stand in his way.

While fused with the body, he takes the appearance of construction worker Vic Frasier the counterpart of Ventara's Kamen Rider Wrath instead of his normal form when removing the Rider armor.

Xaviax later gives JTC's Advent Deck more power by allowing him to capture two more Advent Beasts and use their former master's abilities as well as fuse them together.

He manages to vent Kit, but bails from Vic's body before it disappears to the Advent Void. His master plan in the series is to kidnap and conquer all of Earth.

However, Earth is a Mirror World to Ventara and kidnapping humans one by one is time consuming. So instead, Xaviax has a machine where he can transport a mass amount of humans from Earth to Ventara and use them all as his slaves.

But this machine requires specific humans with matching DNA to power this machine. To that end he sends his minions in to kidnap just those people.

With Wing Knight, Dragon Knight and other Kamen Riders fighting against him, however, he has to focus on the war against them as well, which delays his plans.

But when all but Wing Knight is vented, he returns to his original plan. By planting special devices across the world, it will enable Xaviax to transport all of Earth to Ventara.

But after hearing disturbing news of Eubulon's return, he decides to send Adam, the original Dragon Knight, to spy on Len threatening Adam by revealing to Sarah that Adam had betrayed the Riders.

Upon discovering the virus in the system, Xaviax tells Adam to send him a copy of the virus so he could decode it and create a vaccine.

However, Adam has continuously failed to infiltrate the Riders, angering Xaviax. He sends monsters to attack Maya to allow Adam the chance to save her as another opportunity to ingratiate himself with the good guys.

When Adam manages to gain their trust and acquires the virus for him, he shuts down a transmitter to make it look like Adam was successful and begins to decode the virus.

While he was successful, he feels that Adam may turn his back on him so he disguises himself as Eubulon and fights Adam and berates him during the fight, obviously swaying Adam to betray the other Riders once more, this time out of his own free will.

He was able to decode the virus and create the vaccine with which, he reactivates all the transmitters and begins a countdown to its activation.

Before he uses it, he's confronted by Eubulon who Xaviax berates for abandoning his people on Karsh. Eubulon justifies his actions, leading to a fight between him and Xaviax.

He then appears to have the upper hand against Eubulon, but is stopped by Kit, Adam, Len and Kase who catch his attention. When Xaviax attempts to finish them off, the other nine Riders arrive.

These aired in the summer of as a television movie titled Dalton: Code of Vengeance II and as a part of a fill-in series called Dalton's Code of Vengeance.

In one of the episodes it is implied that Jenny Andrews is the daughter of Michael Knight , however it is never confirmed. Goodman , and was distributed by Universal Domestic Television.

It ran for a single season of 22 one-hour episodes before it was canceled due to poor ratings. Sarah is the daughter of Charles Graiman.

Knight Rider is a television sequel movie to the original Knight Rider series. It aired on May 19, It was directed by Alan J.

Levi and written by Rob Hedden and Glen A. He is also paired up with a new supercar, the " Knight " to combat Thomas J.

Watts Mitch Pileggi , a former police officer turned psychotic killer. The movie was developed as a pilot for a proposed new series, but despite high ratings, the plan was abandoned.

Knight Rider is a television movie loosely based on the original Knight Rider series. It aired on February 13, It was directed by Sam Pillsbury and written by John Leekley.

The movie is set in a Mad Max -style future where Jake McQueen Richard Joseph Paul is a smuggler who is contacted by Hannah Tyree Hudson Leick , an employee of the Chrysalis Corporation, who want him to work for them as part of their video games division.

Jake fights the evil Jared Brion James. Hannah's consciousness is uploaded into a computer that Jake then installs in his Mustang. The movie was broadcast as part of Universal Television 's Action Pack.

Knight Rider is a television film which was created to serve as a backdoor pilot for the new Knight Rider television series, and aired on February 17, The serves as a direct sequel to the original series and ignores the Knight Rider film and the Team Knight Rider television series.

The movie was a success and resulted in a new series. Knight Rider is a video game by Ocean Software that was released in Europe for several computer platforms.

Knight Rider is a racing video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System that is very loosely based on the television show of the same name.

It was produced by and published by Pack-In Video Co. Ltd on December 16, in Japan only. The game has a series of levels and each one requires that KITT be navigated through and around various cars, big rig trucks, and other obstacles in order to reach their destination on each level.

Knight Rider: The Game is a video game based on the original television series of the same name. It was developed by Davilex Games and distributed by Tri Synergy , [6] and was released on November 22, The game allows the player to take control of KITT — the Knight Industries Two Thousand , in a range of missions including, racing, exploring, chasing and others.

The Knight Rider franchise has a number of novels, video games, and other materials that cover many aspects of the various series and films. Various toy versions of KITT were released and produced solid profits.

This final model, sold by Kenner Toys and dubbed the "Knight Rider Voice Car", spoke electronically, using a recording of the voice of William Daniels, featured a detailed interior and a Michael Knight action figure as well.

In the s there was a Knight Rider toy vehicle for Germany's Darda system. But it had no scanner and the windows were black with "Knight " written in red letter on the doors.

It included a key which was pushed into a hole below KITTs spoiler compressing a spring; then snaps into place. Squeezing the key releases it and the spring shoos the car forward.

These toys featured red reflective holograms on the nose to represent the scanner however, they were located on the point of the nose, rather like the early mock-up of KITT seen in the pilot episode as opposed to altering the basic model design to incorporate the scanner as commonly seen in the series.

The toys also included round steering wheels as opposed to KITT's steering yoke. Diamond Select Toys will also was to be releasing an 8-inch figure of Michael Knight with the likeness of David Hasselhoff, which was to be released in March With sharper attention to details on the dashboard, the model features an improved light up red scanner, opening doors and rear hatch, as well as an engine hood which opens up to reveal a detailed Knight turbine engine which is exclusive to the model and was never shown in the TV series.

Additional features include pop up headlights, revolving license plates, ejector seats, removable t-tops and a foldable rear seat. In March , Revolution Studios announced a partnership with Mayhem Pictures to create a film adaptation of the television series.

The film would be re-designed to be similar to Revolution's previous project, XXX. Series creator Glen A. Larson was hired to write the first script draft, with the series' lead actor David Hasselhoff attached as an advisor and also have an onscreen role.

The producers' choice for the role was actor Ben Affleck. He expressed his interest in the film adaptation as a potential franchise property.

On February 13, , Schmoes Know reports that actors Chris Pratt and Danny McBride are in talks for roles and may use a sort of action-comedy hybrid in the same vein as 21 Jump Street.

In December , a media report indicated that a new web series named Knight Rider Heroes was in the works and will include David Hasselhoff.

This concept was never completed or released. The project is believed to be abandoned. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Knight Rider disambiguation.

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Xaviax gives him a very simple offer, vent Wing Knight and Siren to bring his father back. Afterwards he has another nightmare this time becoming the black rider and venting Wing Knight and fighting Siren before waking up.

While reflecting he is again confronted by Danny. He talks about this to Len and Kase and decides to go against Xaviax saying that saving his dad through those means is wrong and is ready to become a real Kamen Rider.

When going to inform his father of his future course of actions, he is kidnapped and arrested by the No-Men. They trick him into battle against a Mirror Monster to assess his skills as a Kamen Rider.

Michelle Walsh later interrogates him until he craftily escapes using a reflection from a spilled glass of water. He finds a Mirror Monster on the way out and manages to defeat it, but ends up attacked by Kamen Riders Strike and Wrath.

He injures his leg in the fight, but Len and Kase save him in time and manage to escape. They later regroup in the bookstore, where Kase heals his injured leg.

Kit, who was fighting JTC and is about to get vented, is saved by Len. Overpowered by Wrath and Strike, they fail to save Kase from being vented.

Both wanting revenge for her, they go after JTC with Kit finding him first. Len and Kit chase after Wrath both using their Survive Modes. When Len is cornered, Kit readies his Final Vent, but after using too much energy, Survive Mode deactivates at an inopportune moment.

He ends up being vented by Wrath, making him the tenth Rider vented in the series. Xaviax steals the Dragon Knight deck and claims that he has a surprise waiting for Len and gives the Dragon Knight deck to the original owner, Adam.

When Eubulon is revived, Kit is rescued from the Advent Void. Waking up, he finds Kase and Eubulon, who is weakened from traveling through the Advent Void, and is given the Onyx deck.

He was initially put off due to his dream, but Kase and Eubulon reassure him that those were only nightmares, with Chance and Pryce later stating that this is an internal reaction to the Advent Beast imposing its will on its user.

Kit accepts their assurances and assumes the role of Kamen Rider Onyx. Taking the deck he finds Len and assists him in taking out some of Xaviax's monsters, reuniting with him and meeting some of the Ventaran Riders, though he was initially wary of them due to his experience with their Earth counterparts.

After learning who they are, he accepts them as allies. He soon goes off to save Maya when Eubulon senses that she's in danger. He meets up with Adam, but isn't easily swayed by his desire to return to the Riders.

They argue about how their situation with Xaviax is worse, and both mirror twins activate their Rider forms and fight. Kit overpowers Adam and is about to vent him until Eubulon intervenes not wanting Kit's nightmare to turn into reality in which he vents someone out of anger.

He returns with Maya, with Eubulon and Adam following. He listens to Adam's story but is still not convinced. He is ordered to wait with Kase in case Xaviax finds their base.

He feels frustrated about waiting and talks to Kase about Adam. Later, when Kit begins to trust Adam a little more, he tells Adam how Xaviax tried to trick him by using his father.

After their fight, Adam reveals that he had given the virus to Xaviax and that he developed a vaccine. While his respect for him dissipated, he realized that they still needed him.

Before going off to the final battle, he reaffirms with Kase that he trusts Adam now that he's up front and feels that he is now trustworthy, once Kit found out Xaviax was behind Adam's betrayal as Xaviax had been disguised as Eubulon behind Eubulon's back and manipulated Adam into thinking that Eubulon saw him as deserving contempt.

Kit and Kase put up enough of a distraction for Trent and Maya to allow the Riders to infiltrate Xaviax's base. They fight their way into the room where Xaviax and Eubulon are fighting.

Eubulon also cures Frank Taylor who now knows of Kit's adventures. But as remnants of Xaviax's army remain as well as the potential dangers of the other worlds behind the mirrors, Kit Taylor, along with Len, Kase and the other Kamen Riders, continue to fight to protect Ventara and Earth as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

Kit is the only Kamen Rider who had to find his Advent Beast or, more accurately, have Dragredder find him , as the others were all given their Advent Decks with their respective Advent Beast already in place and contracted to them, and Len and Kase were never separated from their Decks and Beasts to begin with.

This is because Adam had abandoned his duties as a Kamen Rider after betraying the other Riders. Due to Xaviax's influence, Dragredder was released from the deck, leaving the deck blank and relieving Adam from his duties; Dragredder was thus left wandering around until Kit returned it to the deck.

He is also the only person to have been two separate Kamen Riders in the series, becoming Dragon Knight in the beginning of the run and then becoming Onyx towards the end, though the design of Onyx is exactly the same as that of Dragon Knight, thus allowing Kit to fight without relearning the armor.

Unlike the other Riders who were simple to manipulate by just giving them a simple desire, Kit had no real vice or ambition meaning that just simply giving him something wasn't enough.

Xaviax had to take a more precise and lengthy process to acquire him. Xaviax kidnaps his father and then begins to frame Kit for his misunderstandings.

However, he didn't join Xaviax and becomes a rider opposing him. Eventually Xaviax approaches Kit and reveals everything to him using his love for his father to betray Wing Knight, the one who trusts Kit the most.

However, after everything he's been through, Kit realized that saving him that way would be wrong and decided to continue fighting against Xaviax.

Adam, the second protagonist is the original Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and therefore Kit's Ventara counterpart, who betrayed the other Kamen Riders venting them while in suspended animation save for Kase and Len after being tricked by Xaviax like the Earth Riders.

During his time of duty as the active Kamen Rider, he falls in love with a girl named Sarah. However, he meets her at an inopportune time as Adam has to hibernate soon.

On the last day he meets up with a man named Paragon who claims to be Eubulon's ally and claims to know a way to unlock the decks. However, this turns out to be Xaviax and proceeds to vent the Riders.

With his betrayal weighing heavily on him, he secludes himself with Sarah in an illusion created by Xaviax until he is called upon again after all the Riders but Len are vented.

In order to keep his secret safe, he is assigned to befriend Len and Maya, who is the temporary Siren, and keep them from destroying more of his devices.

But Len isn't easily swayed, and both trigger their Survive Modes. Adam attempts to use his Final Vent in retaliation but runs away.

Following the return of three of his fellow Ventaran Riders, he tries to gain back the trust of Hunt, Kamen Rider Axe, who threatens to vent him following a battle against Xaviax's monsters.

Xaviax, fed up with his failure to infiltrate the Riders, sends monsters to attack Maya who Adam attempts to save. He later meets up with his mirror twin Kit Taylor, who berates him for betraying the other Riders.

Adam argues that Xaviax tempted him with something more important than Kit's offer in this case being able to be with Sarah and retire from the Kamen Riders, as opposed to Xaviax's offer to restore Kit's father to full health.

This results in a battle between the two mirror twins as Kit under the mantle of Kamen Rider Onyx fights Adam and overpowers him until Eubulon intervenes.

Eubulon allows Adam to explain why he betrayed the other Riders, but the others aren't interested in what he has to say.

After Len cools down, Adam explains what happened and how Xaviax tricked him. They don't buy in at first, but when Trent finds another transmitter, he is sent to upload the virus with Len and Chance.

He manages to have Len give him the virus and in turn gives the virus to Xaviax to decode. Xaviax shuts down the transmitter to make it look like it worked and Adam manages to get the trust he needed.

But Adam begins to have second thoughts about betraying his fellow Kamen Riders again. After talking to Kit who talks to Adam about how Xaviax tried to trick him using his father, Adam thinks about turning his back on Xaviax.

However, when Xaviax sees this, he impersonates Eubulon and attacks and berates Adam in order to get him to betray the other riders again, this time out of his own free will.

During Len and Adam's mission to deactivate the last transmitter, Adam immediately starts attacking Len which culminates into a heated battle between both of them, even activating their Survive Modes.

As Adam goes to make the final blow on Len, he finds that he can't do it. He revealed that he had given the virus to Xaviax who is proceeding to reactivate all of the transmitters.

He surrenders his deck to Len and later explains what happened to him earlier when Eubulon attacked, but soon realizes that the Eubulon he saw was Xaviax when Kit spoke up.

Finally discovering his resolve, he goes off to finish off Xaviax. Both dragon Riders manage to prevent Xaviax from venting Eubulon by using their Strike Vents but soon find it difficult to fight off Xaviax.

When all 13 Riders are assembled, they all use their Link Vents to destroy Xaviax once and for all. Before sending all of the Ventarans back to Ventara, he goes into the illusion where Sarah is currently held and tells her the truth.

During the Epilogue, Adam was finally able to retire from the Dragon Knight deck and passes it on to Kit, who he knew would honor the deck far better than he ever would.

He now is supporting Ventara's recovery with Sarah, who appears to have forgiven him. One thing to note is that when Adam shows up during the final third of the series, the focus of the story strays away from Kit Taylor, the protagonist, and focuses more on Adam during that part of the series, basically becoming the second protagonist of the story.

It's also revealed by Len shortly before Adam's return to action that Adam was the youngest member of the team and correctly deduced one of the reasons behind why he was so easily tricked into betraying the rest of the team as being that he no longer wanted to be a Kamen Rider.

During a discussion with Maya just after a sparring session after Eubulon temporarily reassigned the Siren deck to her, Len remarks to her that the Advent Decks 'won't leave you alone', and alerted the Riders to trouble any time something on the level of a Kamen Rider was required to deal with it, and that Adam couldn't in good conscience ignore it, by asking Maya if she could have ignored something like that.

Although Len initially believes Adam to be a genuine traitor, these comments revealed that Adam wasn't an evil figure, simply a good man led astray by trickery.

His character is further established as being heroic, if reluctantly so, when he refuses to vent Wing Knight when he has the chance, and expresses great remorse for turning the virus over to Xaviax.

It's unknown by what methods Adam and Sarah procured food and shelter while in the illusionary world Xaviax created for them after Adam's inadvertent betrayal of the Riders, however they were physically fit and mentally healthy when Xaviax seeks Adam out to reunite him with his deck, indicating that they had some means of surviving there.

When Dragon Knight activates his Survive Mode card, Dragreder evolves into Dragranzer, a dragon that can turn into a motorcycle. Dragon Knight slots his cards on the dragon-like slot on his left arm called the Drag Visor.

As Blank Knight, the design of the slot, called the Ride Visor, was more generic but worked the same way. Dragon Knight's slot changes from his arm slot to a dragon-like gun called the Drag Visor-Zwei.

The Survive card is inserted inside the dragon mouth and the cards are slotted on the side of the slot. Kamen Rider Wing Knight is a close-range fighter possessing two swords his default rapier which also allows him to slot Advent Cards, and his Sword Vent, a large lance-like sword.

Because of this, he is better suited for one-on-one combat, and he is the 4th strongest Kamen Rider. Wing Knight can also use his Trick Vent to create copies of himself to aid him in combat to overwhelm stronger opponents or even out a battle involving multiple enemies.

Len also has the ability to access a stronger form by using the Survive Card. In his Survive Mode, his armor and Advent Deck change to a deep shade of blue, with a cape being added to his armor.

His new cards reinforce his single combat skills allowing Wing Knight to use his slot in different ways. The Wing Knight deck is the only deck that hasn't once traded hands with another user, as Len is the only Rider not vented in the series.

Len is a mysterious figure who is fighting Xaviax's monsters who has the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Wing Knight armed with a bat Advent Deck.

He is aloof in personality and tries to keep the Riders' existence a mystery from the public. His Advent Beast is Black Wing, a bat. He is one of the original Kamen Riders from Ventara prior to their betrayal by his best friend Adam, the original Dragon Knight.

At first, Len didn't want Kit to get involved with his problems or become Dragon Knight. But once Kit used the Advent Deck, he becomes his mentor and together they agreed to defeat Xaviax and save Kit's world.

While he vented Incisor without hesitation, he begins to start hesitating when he was confronted by Thrust and Sting hoping to save them and have them fight against Xaviax.

Doubting himself, Len reflects and reminds himself that he is fighting in a war against Xaviax in which sacrifices must be made and that he can't save everyone.

He reflects on this again when Chris is vented, saying he shouldn't have been involved. He also feels pressure from being forced into a leadership role that he never intended to take, but resolves to carry out his mission regardless.

Len and Kit are slowly developing a close friendship, possibly due in part to Kit being the Earth counterpart of Adam. He was chosen to be a Kamen Rider at a young age due to his excellent physical condition, and considered it an honor to fight for Ventara.

He starts to notice that Kit isn't being himself since Kase came back and thinking he needs some time, decides that when Kit is ready to become a real Kamen Rider, he can fight with them once more.

After listening to Kit talk about his conversation with Xaviax as well as his resolve to fight against him, he welcomes back Kit as he accepts his offer to become a real Kamen Rider.

He finds that Xaviax has hijacked Wrath's body to directly fight him, something which insults Len since the original Wrath was his mentor.

They are overpowered by their combined force but escape before they receive any more injuries. During their next encounter, he was able to turn the fight on Wrath, but let him go to find Kase and Kit.

They find Kit being attacked by Strike and Wrath and successfully retreat with Kit. Kase shows Len his Survive card and soon they go off to fight Wrath and Strike.

However, JTC manages to steal the Thrust and Sting decks from him only to use those two decks against them. After a long battle, with the group severely weakened, Strike manages to vent Kase.

Losing his girlfriend twice to the war, Len chooses to go after Strike with nothing but revenge on his mind.

Wrath shows up and takes on both Len and Kit in their Survive Modes. Wrath proves to be too strong as he overpowers both of them and in the process vents Kit and Vic, but the body of Xaviax is unaffected.

History repeats itself as Len again becomes the only Rider remaining in the war against Xaviax. When all hope is lost, Len acquires a letter from Michele Walsh and says that they can still win the war.

He is given a new mission by him along with Maya who was given the Siren deck, to destroy Xaviax's devices that will transport Earth to Ventara and stall until Eubulon retrieves the other Riders.

Len meets with Adam again and engages in a battle against him in Survive Mode but couldn't vent him. Maya notices that this is disturbing Len during training.

He later goes back to upload a virus to Xaviax's transport devices along with Chance and Pryce. They soon fight some of Xaviax's monsters and are outnumbered until a new Kamen Rider shows up.

He talks to the mysterious Rider and is glad to find out that it's Kit. He goes back to reunite with Kase, who is still recovering from the Advent Void.

After Eubulon comes back with Maya, Kit and Adam, he runs off to get away from the traitor. After cooling down thanks to Eubulon's wisdom, he listens to Adam's story but still doesn't trust him.

This changes after Adam manages to "shut down" the transmitter and Len admits his mistake and trusts Adam again. However, he soon discovers that Adam betrayed his trust again, attacking him after uploading the last virus.

This culminates into a heated battle with both Riders activating their Survive Modes. After a long battle, Len coaxes Adam to finish him off but finds that he can't vent him.

After finding out that Adam had given Xaviax the virus who in turn would create a vaccine, he confiscates the Dragon Knight deck from Adam. Bringing him back to base, he would give back the deck realizing that Adam was truly sorry for what he had done and needed him to fight off the last of Xaviax's army.

Later, Len, Kit, Adam and Kase would all find themselves face to face against Xaviax, but the General would prove too strong for them. But they were able to distract him long enough for Eubulon to retrieve the remaining Riders from the void and together, all 13 Riders activate their Link Vents and destroy Xaviax once and for all finally ending Len's war after so long.

During the Epilogue, Len congratulates Kit in becoming a true Kamen Rider and together with Kit and Kase, Len help rebuild Ventara and protect Ventara and Earth from the remnants of Xaviax's army as well as any dangers from other worlds behind the mirrors.

Like the other Ventaran Kamen Riders, Len is much older than he looks, due to being in stasis on a rotating schedule. According to Len both in a conversation with Kit in an early episode of the series and again after Lacey comments that Len doesn't look anywhere near sixty years old after Eubulon was revealed as the alien from Roswell , the Kamen Riders as a whole awaken only once every twelve years unless a threat presents itself that activates an override to the suspended animation state, and then begin the process over again.

Adam and Xaviax's infiltration of the Kamen Rider headquarters was one such emergency. One Rider normally stays awake while the others are in stasis until it's time to switch to the next one in the rotation This is how Adam was able to betray the other Riders, as he was the one scheduled to be awake at the time.

As he was still trying to wake up, Kase throws him into a mirror, as the overrider awakened her as well, before being vented.

As such, Len is somewhere around the age of sixty, despite looking barely older than his late twenties. Len is portrayed by Matt Mullins and voiced by Peter Doyle in the video game.

Wing Knight slots his cards on the crossguard of his rapier called the Black Visor. Black Visor Can be used as a weapon if he doesn't have time to slot his cards.

Wing Knight's slot changes from a rapier to a shield with a sword sheathed inside it called the Black Visor-Zwei. The Survive card is slotted in the back of the shield as the sword's crossguard either pulled out or inside the shield is used as the slot for the other cards.

Richie Preston is a son of a rich family. Richie becomes Kamen Rider Incisor armed with a crab Advent Deck when Xaviax assumes the guise of lawyer Walter Connors and tells him that he was cut off from his family fortune.

He is given a false promise of a million dollars for each Rider he defeats. When the Final Vents of Incisor and Wing Knight collide, Wing Knight proves to have the more powerful Vent and Richie disintegrates due to being vented by Wing Knight although this may be because Incisor had lesser time to charge his final vent , causing him to disappear into the Advent Void and be the first Kamen Rider to be vented in the series.

Wing Knight then retrieves the Incisor Advent Deck. Soon after, Eubulon rescued Richie from the Advent Void and erased his memory returning him to his normal life.

Volcancer is a mechanical humanoid crab which is Incisor's Advent Beast. Incisor slots his cards on the pincer on his left arm called the Incisor Visor.

It Can also be used as a weapon. Kamen Rider Torque is a long-range fighter, having a default gun which doubles as a slot for Advent Cards. His Launch Vent consists of shoulder cannons and his Shoot Vent summons a larger hand-held cannon.

Drew Lansing is a con-man selling a supposed multi-purpose phone when the cops appeared outside of his shop.

When exiting out the other door, he was approached by Xaviax in human form who shows him Ventara.

Drew is well aware of Xaviax's plans, but helps him to take control of the world in hopes that he can become his second-in-command and becomes Kamen Rider Torque armed with an Ox Advent Deck.

Drew tried to convince Kit that Len was the one working for Xaviax, but Kit wasn't convinced at first.

He and Len ended up fighting each other following an attack by the Red Boar monster. Drew used his Final Vent in an attempt to take down Len but failed.

He also berated Kit for failing to aid in the destruction of Len as well as Camo, leading Kit to begin to doubt his friendship with him and whether or not Drew was truly on the side of good.

When Maya left a message on Kit's answering machine saying that Drew was lying, Drew attempted to distract Kit by traveling to the scene of the fight, where Drew ended up fighting Camo.

He ended up venting Camo, revealing his true intentions to Kit in the process, but Len repelled him before he could vent Kit. This action led to Drew no longer trusting Xaviax who became angry at him for having Camo interfere.

After failing to "recruit Brad", he is confronted by James and the Newt Monsters when Xaviax caught him scamming against him.

Drew is later seen on the run from Xaviax and eventually meets up with Kit as he tries to convince him to band together.

Kit rejects his proposition as they both fight each other. Kit gets the best of Drew, who continues to run as he recalls how he got involved with the whole Kamen Rider war in the first place.

James catches up to Drew and challenges him. With a full house, Drew activates his Final Vent which hits everyone in the area. During the Epilogue, Drew was rescued from the Advent Void by Eubulon and erased his memory returning to his normal life.

Chance is the original Ventaran Kamen Rider Torque. He was rescued by Master Eubulon from the Advent Void. Similar to Drew Lansing, he is prone to the occasional wise-cracks but is serious when it's time to work, but Chance jokes around a lot more than Drew does.

Of course, unlike his con-artist counterpart, he's honest and would never lower himself to Drew's level. He is sent to assist Len and Pryce to upload a virus into Xaviax's transmitters.

When he explains his history with the Onyx deck, Chance and Pryce explain to Kit about the rage of the Advent Beast imposing its will on the rider.

After helping destroy the last of the transmitters, he soon finds out that Adam had lied about the transmitters but is willing to forgive him.

Chance soon mobilizes to Xaviax's base, helping to create a diversion for Maya and Trent. He soon fights his way and manages to join up with the other Riders and together, activate their Link Vents to destroy Xaviax once and for all.

He continues to fight to rebuild Ventara and protect Earth and Ventara. Due to a filming error, it's not seen how Chance reacquired the Torque deck, but it's assumed that since JTC had taken the Torque deck from Drew when he was vented, Len had acquired the Torque deck when he had vented JTC.

Magnugiga is a giant minotaur robot which is Torque's Advent Beast. Torque slots his cards on the bottom of his gun similar to how one loads a clip or magazine into a gun called the Magna Visor.

Kamen Rider Camo's main ability is his Clear Vent which allows him to cloak himself, mostly to escape danger and to attack unnoticed.

His primary weapon is his Hold Vent where he can fight from a distance. Grant Staley is a devious underground martial artist who cheats in his karate fights which he does against his sensei by hiding a wrench in his glove.

Grant was recruited by Xaviax in the form of mercenary Race Mattock to take on more challenges and becomes Kamen Rider Camo armed with a chameleon Advent Deck given to him by Xaviax.

He ran into Drew and Kit again where Grant and Drew engaged each other in battle. Thus, he was the second Kamen Rider in the series to be vented.

His Advent Deck is claimed by Len. Grant is rescued from the Advent Void by Eubulon and erased his memories returning him to his normal life.

Biogreeza is a humanoid chameleon which is Camo's Advent Beast. Camo slots his cards on the chameleon on his left leg called the Bio Visor which grabs and slots with its tongue.

Kamen Rider Strike is the 5th strongest Kamen Rider. He is a close-range fighter armed with a cobra-like scepter and is cunning in battle.

Strike, when used by JTC, is one of the more successful Riders, venting more Riders than anyone else in the series. However, he chooses his battles carefully, not wanting to fight at a clear disadvantage.

Xaviax manages to upgrade the Strike deck to include two empty contract cards and captures Metalgelas and Evildiver to allow him to use Thrust and Sting's Advent Cards as well as having the Unite Vent card to fuse them into the powerful Cerebeast.

This ability was lost when JTC was vented. When he was caught, he was offered a deal by the No-Men: work for them and have his crimes overlooked or spend his time in jail.

He declined their offer and consequently was sent to jail. There he was approached by Xaviax who reveals himself to be an alien to James and breaks him out of jail.

James joined up with Xaviax to be on the winning side, as well as knowing the truth, and becomes Kamen Rider Strike armed with a cobra Advent Deck.

In Brad's flashback, Strike was summoned by a disguised Xaviax to show Brad the kind of power he could have by joining Xaviax's club.

Strike demonstrated this power by easily destroying two of Xaviax's Newt monsters. He is later revealed to be the man who has been contacting Maya and providing her with special top-secret information, regarding the missing people incidents and the Mirror Monsters.

James would eventually show up in person to visit Maya. Under the scheme of Xaviax, Maya will lead the other Kamen Riders to Sting, believing that he will think they are aliens and vent them.

He is later sent by Xaviax to fight and vent Drew for his disloyalty. He even went after Kit who managed to evade him. James later engaged Drew in battle.

James later took on Drew again. James then claimed Drew's Advent Deck. Later, Maya arranged another meeting with James.

However, Chris takes the attack in Len's place and gets vented instead of him. This proves unsuccessful as him and Axe are thrown out of the room via a mirror and Spear ended up vented.

Afterwards, he tries to console Danny for his loss. Temporarily ditching his snake-like personality, he tries to reason with Danny saying that he can't beat Xaviax and doesn't want him vented.

He reveals that his brother was put in prison for three years for something he didn't do, but being stubborn made him end up staying in jail for life with no chance of a parole.

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This is a list of characters officially recognized as having the title "Kamen Rider" by various sources. For a full list of Kamen Riders, separated by series and including all Rider-like characters, see Kamen Riders.

The beauty of the warhorse, often praised in song in romances and chansons de geste, was part of this display. Welcher spieler wurde hat die meisten platzverweise; Wieviel Karten wurden bislang bei der WM scon verteilt?

Und welche Mannschaft hat die meisten Karten bekommen? Wie viele gelben Karten darf. A lone crimefighter battles the forces of evil with the help of a virtually indestructible and artificially intelligent supercar.

Page Doch die Symbole werden häufig falsch gedeutet. Anstatt kryptische Kontrollleuchten zu zeigen. Das bringt garantiert mehr Aufmerksamkeit bei deinen Freunden und Followern.

The Serpent Riders are a trio of sibling demons, bent on domination of the known universe. The symbol of the three appears similar to a Neptune trident, although it is featured prominently only in Heretic.

Boss of Episode 3: The Dome of D. Auf Facebook teilen Merken Viele Jahre hat er dich treu begleitet, deinen Körper umschmeichelt, dich gewärmt und dir mit seiner Weichheit ein Gefühl von Geborgenheit geschenkt: dein Lieblingspullover.

Egal, wie oft du ihn sorgsam von Hand mit. The Knights Templar had many symbols that represented and inspired them during the Crusades. While it is difficult to find relics from nine centuries ago, knowledge of the symbols and their meanings have fortunately not been lost to time.

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Wählen Sie ein gültiges Land aus. Larson zusammengesetzt zusammen. Shop besuchen. Language: English. Onyx originally represented the struggle that Kit was going through, confronting Onyx when he was feeling useless because of his jealousy towards Kase and using Onyx's power when confronted by Xaviax about his father. Hot Wheels. In addition, his new cards reinforce his balanced fighting style as well as give him a new trick-based Advent Card called Strange Vent which Www Merkur Com Rs one card in another deck near by creating a version for him to use like Trick Vent, a card that's normally used by Wing Knight. He now is supporting Ventara's Knight Rider Symbol with Sarah, who appears to have forgiven him. Incisor slots his cards on the pincer on his left arm called the Incisor Visor. He did so after Top Gewinn to heed Len's advice about re-establishing the Contract with the Advent Beast associated with the Deck, Dragredder, by activating the Contract Card in the Deck and fully reactivating his Dragon Knight armor powers. Company Credits. This article may require cleanup Book Of Ra Melodie meet Wikipedia's quality standards. However, the impact ends up venting Wrath as well, making him the eleventh and final Kamen Rider vented immediately following Kit. He declined their offer and consequently was sent to jail. Knight Rider: The Game is a Book Of Ra Deluxe Jocuri game based on the original television series of the same name. User Ratings. He later goes back to upload a virus to Xaviax's transport devices along with Chance and Pryce. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Lupo Martini Ramirez, nicknamed Chris, was originally supposed Book Faust be a Marine like his father, to uphold a family tradition four generations of Ramirez men have been marines since WWI. Eubulon also cures Frank Taylor who now knows of Kit's adventures.

Knight Rider Symbol

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